The Deception Dance



Available in: Paperback, Ebook and Audiobook

After a year of preparation, eighteen year old Raven Smith has researched and planned out every detail of her summer vacation in Europe; those plans DO NOT include boys, romance, or falling in love (definitely not the last one). But, even before the plane touches-down her well-laid plans go dreadfully off-course.

While still airborne, Raven finds a letter in her carry-on suitcase that her senile neighbor broke into her house to stash in her bag; the letter tells Raven to turn back, not to go to Europe, that an “evil agent of Hell” is looking for Raven and he will find her if she disregards the letter’s message.

But Raven does disregard the letter…

Almost as soon as Raven steps foot onto Rome’s streets, dark, seductive Andras starts showing up at nearly every site Raven visits; Raven finds herself drawn to Andras in a way she’s never been drawn to anyone, while at the same time… he terrifies her.

Then in comes Nicholas, an impossible-not-to-like Swedish guy, who is determined to keep Raven away from Andras...

The two guys share a dark secret. Both are determined that Raven never learns the truth. She doesn’t know who to trust, or if she should trust anyone.

If Raven frees herself from the deception twined around her… the most horrifying secret she could uncover, might be her own… her past… who she really is…and how the forces of Hell plan to use her to destroy the future…

The Lie Spinners



Available in: Paperback and Ebook

Andras is coming back for me. That is pretty much the only certainty I have in this life. Andras will always come back for me...

Last summer, with the help of demon-killer Stephen Tapper, Raven Smith faced Hell on Earth to stop the demon-apocalypse (or more like, put it on hold). Raven made a deal with the Grand Marquis of Hell: he would not open the gates of hell if she promised not to fall in love with anyone until he returned for her.

Almost a year has passed and summer has come again…

Raven is safe. Relatively. She’s protected. Doggedly. She’s away from the demons, the hell, the madness. Until she falls asleep.

When the earth-witch Madeline shows up in Raven’s hometown (aka her prison), calling in Raven’s life-debt, Raven shouldn’t even listen to Madeline’s proposal. But she does.

Madeline tells her that months ago, Stephen travelled to Thailand to track down a magician called The Spider; but within days of arriving, Stephen vanished. Every person (be they witch or demon-killer) Madeline sent to find Stephen was hunted down, overwhelmed and murdered by demons. The message Madeline received after all attempts failed was clear: send in Raven Smith or Stephen dies.

Going to Thailand might possibly be the stupidest decision Raven could ever make… there are a thousand reasons why Raven should stay guarded, protected, safe; only one reason why she shouldn’t.


Waltzing into Damnation



Coming: 2017

When I think about what I’ve already decided to do to defeat Andras and what I’ll have to do to save Stephen, it is almost a comfort to know that no matter what I do in this life, I’ve already been sentenced to Hell. I have been thrust down this dark path and the only light at the end of my tunnel is a fiery demise.

Andras declares that he will come for Raven on the summer solstice.

Raven only has months… then only weeks… to discover how to banish Andras and free Stephen from Andras’ demonic possession. In desperation, Raven, with the help of Cassidy Dixon, summons a greater demon to find answers. The demon reveals that in Raven’s past life as Elena, she had been taught to banish Andras from the body he had then possessed, but she had refused to do it and this was why she had been murdered.

Raven knows that her past life memories are within her, that she’s dreamt them before but has no control over what memories she dreams.

Only the greatest hypnotist can unlock Raven’s past life memories in time, and Cassidy knows where to find her. To reach the hypnotist Raven and Cassidy must board the all demon-infected cruise ship ‘Sanctuary’ before it leaves on a two week cruise around the Panama Canal. But surviving the ship ‘Sanctuary,’ where humans are considered entertainment or dinner, might be as challenging as getting help from the famous and formidable hypnotist herself.

If Raven succeeds to convince the hypnotist to help her, she’ll need to relive every moment of her past-life romance with Andras. She’ll experience exactly why she fell in love with him, why she abandoned her whole life to be with him, why she was willing to die for him.

Then, she’ll banish Andras to Hell.

Because on the summer solstice, Andras vowed that he will find Raven and keep her by his side for the rest of her life.


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© 2015 by Rita Stradling. Photographs ©Karla Rivas 2010 (cropped and edited)