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The Deception Dance



The Deception Dance



Available in: Paperback, Ebook and Audiobook

Hell owns her—she just doesn’t know it yet.

After a year of preparation, eighteen-year-old Raven Smith has planned out every detail of her summer vacation in Europe. But while en route to Italy, Raven finds a letter in her carry-on telling her to turn back and that an agent of the devil plans to drag her to Hell.

She dismisses it as a prank from her devout, elderly neighbor. Raven is determined to focus on feeding her love of art history and spending time with her older sister. 

But the letter is right—an agent of Hell waits for her in Europe. He’s waited for her all of her life, stalking her. At the perfect time, he will claim her. 

Raven is, and has always been, a pawn in a very deadly game.

This is the second edition. There are substantial editing changes but no plot changes. The first edition was published in December 2012.

The Lie Spinners.jpg
The Lie Spinners



Available in: Paperback, Audio and Ebook

Raven’s made a promise to the Grand Marquis of Hell, and she’s about the break it.


With the help of demon-killer Stephen Tapper, Raven Smith faced Hell on Earth to stop the demon-apocalypse (or more like, put it on hold), by making a deal with the Grand Marquis of Hell: he would not open the gates of hell if she promised not to fall in love with anyone until he returned for her.


But then the earth-witch Madeline shows up in Raven's hometown (aka her prison), calling in Raven's life-debt. Month’s ago, Stephen traveled to Thailand to track down a magician called The Spider, but within days of arriving, Stephen vanished. Every person, witch, and demon-killer sent to find Stephen has been hunted down, outnumbered, and murdered by demons. Now the demons have made a demand: send in Raven Smith…or Stephen dies.


Going to Thailand might possibly be the stupidest decision Raven could ever make...there are a thousand reasons why Raven should stay guarded, protected, safe. And only one reason why she shouldn't.



Waltzing into Damnation



Available in Paperback and EBook

The only light at the end of her dark tunnel is the fiery pits of Hell. 

Desperate to kill the demon Andras and free the man she loves from his demonic possession, Raven summons a greater demon for answers. She discovers that she learned the key to defeating Andras in her past life but chose to die rather than act on that knowledge. 

Now time is ticking for her to regain those suppressed memories before Andras claims her at the next summer solstice. Raven seeks out a mythical hypnotist who can unlock her past memories, but the only way to reach him is by stowing away on the demon cruise ship—the Sanctuary—that keeps humans as slaves or prey. 

If Raven succeeds to convince the hypnotist, she’ll need to relive every moment of her past-life romance with Andras, experience exactly why she fell in love with him, why she abandoned her whole life to be with him, and why she was willing to die for him. 

Then, she’ll kill him. 

If Raven fails to solve this mystery and kill Andras before the summer solstice, he will kidnap her and never let her escape. 

If you love dark paranormal romance, scroll up and one-click the enthralling last installment of The Deception Dance trilogy today!

Because on the summer solstice, Andras vowed that he will find Raven and keep her by his side for the rest of her life.

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