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The Hawthorn Group has a new leader, and he’s itching to send all supernaturals to the Alderwood Reformatory... including me.


One wrong move, and I’ll be sent off to that prison masquerading as a school, where I’m viewed as a traitor to my own kind. 

Staying out of trouble becomes a near impossibility when the boy I love starts growing wings and battling dark, demonic urges. A malevolent essence is growing within him, consuming him with its power. 

Turning to the supernaturals of Alderwood Reformatory, who I’ve been warned to fear, may be my only chance to bring Justin back from the edge. Time is running out. With each second that ticks by, he’s pulled further into that beckoning abyss with no desire to return.



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© 2015 by Rita Stradling. Photographs ©Karla Rivas 2010 (cropped and edited)

Midnight Secrets

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