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Out Now in: Paperback, Audio, and Ebook

Wake me from this forbidden dream.

Moving from Los Angeles to my father’s house in a small town in Colorado is supposed to be the fresh start I need. My broken heart will finally heal, and I’ll get a second chance at normalcy. That is the plan, anyway.

But moving into the bedroom next to my stepbrother Coulter makes life anything but normal. We hated each other since childhood, but Coulter wants us to have our own fresh start and second chance. He’s hardheaded and infuriatingly full-of-himself, but he’s also sweet and sexy and determined for us to be close… very close. 

If anyone discovers our secret desire, it will be the end of us. Every longing glance, teasing word, and flirtatious touch has to be stolen. Can something that makes us so happy really be wrong? 

The whole world says yes, but this temptation is getting the better of me.

Is it possible to stop at just one forbidden kiss? Or will our secret romance lead to disaster?

One Forbidden Kiss was previously published as Making Bad Choices in 2016. It has been professionally reedited with some minor changes.

One Forbidden Kiss is a medium-heat, slow-burn high school romance. If you enjoy love stories with a taboo twist, this is the book for you.

One Forbidden Kiss has:
Second Chances
Small Town Secrets
Forbidden Love
And, a Happily Ever After that will leave your heart skipping.

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