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2036 was the year that the ocean goddess Tiamat woke up and unleashed her wrath.

Daily tsunamis.

Sharks the size of merchant vessels.

Humans survive by cluttering into mountaintop settlements. Cut off from natural resources, they only have one hope for survival.
The tsunami riders.
Risks high and survival rates low, we ride at the peak of a mountain of water at five hundred miles an hour and love it. The rag-tag crew of the Ištar and I never miss a wave or lose a shipment container.
But the ocean isn't the only bitch we have to contend with.

Admiral Parker wants to monopolize the trade routes with her state-of-the-art schooners, and she's not opposed to taking out riders who won't yield the wave. If she wins, all of the settlements in North America will live or starve at her say so.

We're not going to let that happen.

Surf's up, and as all tsunami riders know: you gotta catch the wave or die.

This book contains one woman in a relationship with two men, non-explicit sex, and a lot of cussing.

This is a standalone story set in a unique world with a HEA.

In the arid Santa Monica Mountains, between the gnarled branches of towering oak trees, lies an entrance to the realm where the virgin goddess Artemis has hidden for the last millennia.

With only animals and her immortal handmaidens for company, she’s never quite able to conquer her boredom. That is, until the day werewolves come hunting in her woods.

Alpha of the Los Angeles pack, Jackson Hunter, has come to the enchanted forest desperate to find a solution for a deadly problem—his packmates are being hunted and eaten by a mysterious monster that is impossible to track. Jackson is out of luck and nearly out of hope … until he accidentally challenges the immortal goddess by saying she’s not up to the task of hunting the beast.

Tempted from her seclusion by the mortal’s challenge, Artemis goes with the alluring werewolf into a world now entirely unfamiliar to her. But the hunt is more dangerous than she could have imagined.

And nothing is in more danger than her heart.

This is a standalone story set in a unique world with a HEA.

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