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New Release Alert and Volume 1 is free!


So, for those who are following The Fourteen Day Soul Detox, Volume 4 is out today! Yay!

You can get it here: Amazon (it's Kindle Unlimited for those of you who are members)

If you haven't started the series and are curious, you can now download volume one FREE!!!! Yay, again!

You can get it for free here: Amazon

or free here: Barnes & Noble

So, total side note for those who are planning to buy Volume 4 or have already purchased it: Just in case in case you get to the end and are like, wait a minute? There's no preorder set up for Volume 5? Don't worry, it will be out soon. I didn't set up the preorder yet because a book from another series (Rex) comes out in early October and I'm busy reviewing the audiobook and doing promotional stuff for that book so I didn't want to commit to a set late September date just in case it needs to be published in October. But, it will be out soon, very soon.

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